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Verification Excellence

Learn , Excel and Advance in Functional Verification of Digital VLSI designs

Understanding AMBA Bus Architecture and Protocols

If you are a VLSI engineer in the current era of increasing IP (Intellectual Property) based SOC (System on Chip) designs, it is highly likely that you would have heard about AMBA, AHB, APB, AXI, AXI-lite, ACE etc somewhere or other. Given the large number of designs that use these you definitely...


365 and Counting - Learning through Writing

Another new year has arrived and it is time to commit towards New Year Resolutions and to introspect and evaluate learning from last year’s resolutions. Last year around same time, I was in the middle of writing my book and pushing towards completion. Some where in between I came across this...


What makes a great Verification engineer?

Is it knowledge about a protocol or an IP ? Or learning a new methodology or a new language? Finding corner case bugs? Thinking out of box ? Whether you are a young engineer entering VLSI Verification industry or aspiring to build a great career or an experienced manger trying to hire great...


What is the career path for an ASIC / SOC Design Verification Engineer?

Quite often, I come across this question: What is the career path for an ASIC verification engineer? It’s astounding to see the number of people having doubts and queries regarding career in the field of ASIC/SOC Design Verification. Even though this doubt is primarily surfaced by Students,...


Test your UVM skills for a VLSI front end Verification job

UVM (Universal Verification Methodology) is a SystemVerilog language based Verification methodology which is getting more and more popularity and adoption in the VLSI Verification industry. The methodology is currently in the IEEE working group 1800.2 and is expected to be an IEEE...


What are your best ASIC Verification Interview Questions?

This question arises in every one's mind while preparing for a Verification Interview. A lot of times in addition to understanding the technical concepts, you also needs to focus your preparation aligning with expectations from the interviewer and practice some of the commonly asked...


Cracking Digital VLSI Verification Interviews: Interview Success - A unique book

A large number of jobs in semiconductor industry fall in the category of Digital VLSI Design and Verification. With digital designs becoming more and more complex, demand of Digital VLSI Verification Engineers is on the rise. Increase in design complexity has not only led to an increase in the...